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Honor in Concord:
Seeking Spirit in Literary Concord
by Cathryn McIntyre


Reading "Honor in Concord" was intellectually stimulating, but also as pleasurable as eating chocolate and drinking a fine red wine. In fact, each evening I climbed into bed with a glass of good wine and escaped from my daily concerns and my own writer worries. I was able to turn off the editor in me and engage myself in this novel because the prose is natural, alive, and believable. The Transcendental Period is my favorite time in American history and Cathryn captured the heartbeat of some of my favorite writers of long ago Concord and gently, but powerfully, revealed their touch upon the present. Combining memoir, fiction, and the historical facts of the writers from Concord was innovative and daring. And it worked! Memoirs can oftentimes bog down the reader with too many intimate facts, but there was just enough candid and pivotal information to keep me interested, leaving some mystery for me to ponder. The interconnectedness of Concord's writers of the past with contemporary fictional Concord residents, and Cathryn McIntyre as a writer and seeker in Concord, created an enjoyable and satisfying reading experience. There was indeed transcendence and beauty in the quest for what might be honorable today. If we listen, these writers of the past can help us with honorable choices today. And if we listen, perhaps Cathryn McIntyre will have more to say to us, as well.

~ Cynthia G. Neale,
Author of
Norah: The Making of an Irish-American Woman in 19th-Century
New York
and other works

* * *

In "Honor in Concord," Cathryn McIntyre weaves a multi-faceted tale of Transcendental truths, explored and experienced then (19th Century) and now (21st Century). Is it the place itself (Concord) that engenders such insights? Is the veil between dimensions, between illusion and Spirit thinner there? What is real? What is fantasy? Ms. McIntyre challenges all our preconceived notions and gives permission for each of us to explore the expanded reality we know somehow IS.  Through the emotions, thoughts and challenges of the characters, real and fictitious, as well as those of the author herself, we witness the evolution of the human condition as the profound ideas of Emerson, Thoreau, Alcott and Hawthorne become a basis for action.

~ Connie Baxter Marlow,
filmmaker, author, futurist, social philosopher.
Co-Author: THE TRUST FREQUENCY: 10 Assumptions for a New Paradigm.

* * *

"Honor in Concord" is a compelling, entertaining and provocative read. The past and the present are woven together so uniquely giving life to the issues and subjects too often left to collect dust on library shelves.

Janis Pryor, Producer & Host, Commonwealth Journal
* * *
"Honor in Concord" is beautifully written...time transcends as the story begins from long ago when Thoreau, Emerson and Hawthorne knew the spiritual essence of who they were and not intimidated to speak about it... the story weaves to the present and the excitement is in the comparison of the families from one century to another - could it be that Thoreau and Hawthorne are really living in today's world?  This book crosses the boundaries of the literary into the spiritual in the most glorious way.  A must read - can't wait for the next book!! –  

~ Deborah Beauvais, Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network –;

* * *

An enjoyable read - the author skillfully weaves historical fact with fiction and provides wonderful insight into the private lives of some of Concord's most famous literary authors. After reading this book, I wanted to learn more about the historical figures mentioned, especially Margaret Fuller and  Martha Hunt. 

~ Jennie Sandberg,
Artist, Photographer, Intuitive Energy Healer

* * *   

 A Note from the Author

In addition to the reviews that are listed here, I would like to share some of the comments I have received from many of the people who have read Honor in Concord.  No matter what their age, gender, educational background, or interests they all tell me the same thing - they absolutely love this book!   Why?  They tell me it is because it is well written, because it has an uplifting life-affirming message, and because it introduces them to the literary history of Concord, Massachusetts and inspires them to learn more about it.  They have also described it is a fast read and many have said they simply could not put it down.   

These people include fellow members of the Thoreau Society who have said words like "important," "very much enjoyed," and "loved every page," along with other writers and editors, all sophisticated readers, who have reported to me that they thoroughly enjoyed the book.  I have heard from several people in the new age community.  One woman said she considered it "genius" the way I incorporated the literary history with the fundamental principles of transcendentalism, principles that are shared by those involved in the contemporary spiritual movement.  Another woman, who described herself as someone who normally reads what is most popular at the bookstore, said she considered Honor in Concord  to be the best book she's recently read because of the way it got and held her attention, because of the valuable information it contained, and because it left her feeling empowered about herself and her own life.  She handed it off to a teenage daughter who also loved the book. 

I am proud to have written a book that captures the essence of Concord in the way that Honor in Concord  does and that carries with it such a powerful and uplifting message.  There are magical moments that exist within the literary history of Concord and the fundamental truths that were spoken and written about so eloquently by the transcendentalist writers of the past here are still relevant today.  It seems I have succeeded in weaving some of that magic into the fabric of this book.  I feel it any time I open it and allow myself to separate the writer me from the reader me.  I don't know of any other book that offers what Honor in Concord does.   

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