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Bringing Thoreau to Life in the 21st Century

Writer uses clairvoyant ability to tap into Concord’s literary past. - April 16, 2009


PRNewsChannel) / Concord, Mass. / With the publication of her book, Honor in Concord: Seeking Spirit in Literary Concord, writer, Cathryn McIntyre demonstrates not just her extensive knowledge of the literary history of Concord, Massachusetts or her talent for writing beautiful prose; she shows for the first time the uncanny ability she has to tap into Concord’s literary past.  McIntyre is an independent scholar of the life and work of Concord writer, Henry David Thoreau.  She is also a gifted clairvoyant who brings this unique ability into her literary studies.  This enables her to relate in ways that few others ever have with the writers of 19th century Concord.  It may even have helped her to connect with Thoreau.

McIntyre firmly believes, as she states on her website, “All who ever were, still are and always will be.”  For her, this includes writer, Henry David Thoreau, and her friend, Thoreau scholar, Bradley P. Dean, Ph.D., who died at his home in Indiana in January 2006.  McIntyre had not yet learned of Dean’s sudden passing when she found herself talking to him ten days later.  She says of that moment, “I did not know he had passed until he told me himself.”  Dean was well known for having edited and published Thoreau’s unfinished manuscripts and when McIntyre asked, “Have you met Henry?” his answer was yes, they had met, joined forces and soon they would be working through her.

McIntyre’s life and her work have been transformed since that time.  Honor in Concord, a book that is both memoir and fiction and was in its beginning stages when Dean first commented years earlier that it was the kind of book that he wanted to write, has now, with his assistance, reached publication, and she is currently writing a book entitled, Thoreau’s Wise Silence that more fully reflects the influence of both Dean and Thoreau on her work.  The purpose of this remarkable collaboration is to bring Thoreau’s message to life again in the 21st century and in a way that makes his work more appealing and more importantly relevant to a general audience today.  

McIntyre’s books are filled with astonishing insights and images.  In Honor in Concord, she captures moments from Concord’s literary past within short vignettes that are written with uncommon brilliance and clarity.  In Thoreau’s Wise Silence there are sections of text that resonate so strongly with what McIntyre calls “the enduring spirit of Thoreau” that readers are left to wonder whether it is possible that its source could be just that.  The message of Honor in Concord is that we are as infinite as the transcendentalist writers of Concord believed us to be and with that understanding comes the need for truth and honor in our lives.  Thoreau’s Wise Silence offers insights into Thoreau’s work and character that are unlike any that have been seen before.  It brings clarity to concepts that have long been misunderstood and presents Thoreau’s ideas for reconsideration in the 21st century at a time when his message of simplicity and spirit may be needed most.

McIntyre has incorporated so much information about the lives of the Concord writers into Honor in Concord, even taking the reader through the historic homes in which they once lived, that readers finish the book more knowledgeable about writers like Thoreau, Emerson, Alcott and Fuller than they ever expected to be and inspired to want to learn more about them, their work and their transcendental beliefs.  Educators at high schools and universities have begun to take notice of McIntyre’s work and her essays on Thoreau’s political views and transcendentalism have appeared in the Thoreau Society Bulletin.

For additional information please go to; send an email to; or call the number listed below.  Honor in Concord can be viewed and purchased on or  Review copies are available in small numbers, so we wish to reserve those for only serious inquiries.  Thoreau’s Wise Silence will be ready for publication sometime late in 2009 or early 2010.  Publishers please take note.

The Concord Writer is a literary and publishing concern in Concord, Massachusetts that is dedicated to the words, wisdom and enduring spirit of Concord writer, Henry David Thoreau.

Title:  Honor in Concord:  Seeking Spirit in Literary Concord
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Release: Jul 2008

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