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Concord Images II

The Old Manse on Monument Street in Concord, MA

   Christmas Day 2011 -  The Old Manse looked peaceful and quiet but not at all like Christmas without the snow.  Soon after this photo was taken a young family emerged from behind the house and paused to peer into the dining room window - where Sophia's romantic etchings still remain in the glass.  There is so much history and romance that draws people to this house and yet within its walls so many unsettled spirits remain.   

 The Colonial Inn, Concord, MA

The Colonial Inn on Monument Square in Concord, MA.  Built in 1716,  was first operated as a hotel in 1889. 
It was used as a place to store arms during the revolutionary war and in early 19th century was operated
as a  store and  was also the residence of Thoreau's grandfather, John Thoreau, who purchased it in 1799. 
Thoreau lived there briefly as a child and later stayed there with his aunts during his college years 1835-1837. 

  The Masonic Temple, Concord, MA

The Masonic Temple, Concord, MA - another of the historic buildings on Monument Square. 
This building dates back to 1770s - was also used for weapon storage during revolutionary war. 
It was an early meeting place for the Masons and continues to function as a Masonic temple today. 
The Thoreau Society's annual gathering is held here each July.

 Holy Family Parish Church - Concord, MA

Holy Family Parish Church on Monument Square in Concord, MA, with the Old Hill Burial Ground
on one side and the Concord "Town House" - the town hall on the other.  

 Old Hill Burial Ground - Concord, MA

The Old Hill Burial Ground as seen from steps of Holy Family Parish Church.  The burial ground was
founded in 1673.  Some of the earliest settlers of Concord are buried here, including Emerson's grandfather,
the Rev. William Emerson and the man who replaced him in church and at home, the Rev. Ezra Ripley.

 Wright's Tavern, Concord, MA

Built in 1747 by Ephraim Jones, later operated by Amos Wright, from which it got its name. 
In April 1775, it was here that the Minutemen gathered to plan after hearing of approaching British troops. 
It was also here where the British troops later gathered.

Authors's Ridge at Sleepy Hollow, Concord, MA

The Thoreau family plot is the first to be seen as you climb up the hill to Author's Ridge..   
It was a cold Christmas morning and I was grateful to have a long stretch of time alone there -
well...mostly alone.  I suspect my visit did not go unobserved.

Thoreau's Grave on Author's Ridge in Concord, MA

This small sprig of pine and berries left on Thoreau's grave by a prior visitor is one of few signs of Christmas
to be seen on Author's Ridge Christmas Day 2011.

Louisa May Alcott's Grave on Author's Ridge in Concord MA

I suspect the same visitor left this sign of Christmas on Louisa's grave, too.

Amos Bronson Alcott's grave on Author's Ridge in Concord, MA

No sign of Christmas on Bronson's grave but a flower remains that must have been left there months bef

  The Hawthorne plot at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, MA

Christmas Day 2011 - no sign of Christmas. 



The photos on this page were taken by C. McIntyre.  All photos are copyrighted and should not be copied or reproduced without written consent. All rights reserved. 
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