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Concord Images - Thoreau

Thoreau's Birthplace on Virginia Road in Concord, MA.  

Thoreau was born in the room at the top right of this picture on July 12, 1817.  
Recently acquired by the Thoreau Farm Trust, this building is being renovated
and will be used for educational puposes. 


This photo of Thoreau's birthhouse and the one below show how it appears
in February 2010 after the recent renovations.  


As of July 2010, this once delapidated old building has been beautifully transformed. 
Congratulations to the Thoreau Farm Trust!!!

Walden Pond, Concord, Massachusetts

Thoreau lived here in a cabin he built on land owned by Ralph Waldo Emerson from
July 4, 1845 to September 6, 1847. 

The site of Thoreau's Walden Pond cabin.  
This location was not precisely known until excavated by Roland Robbins in 1945.


Near the cabin site is this marker showing Thoreau's stated intent when he moved to Walden which reads in part "I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life..."  The marker stands beside the cairn that originated in 1872 when Bronson Alcott used a rock to mark what he remembered as the original site of Thoreau's cabin.  It has been a tradition since then for visitors of the house site to bring a rock to add to the cairn.


Thoreau-Alcott House on Main Street in Concord, MA

 Thoreau was in the downstairs front room of this home when he passed around 9:00 a.m. on  May 6, 1862.  
 His father, John, who bought the house from Daniel Shattuck in 1849 also passed in the house three years earlier. 
Anna Alcott Pratt purchased this house with the help of her sister, Louisa May Alcott, in 1877.   
This home is now privately owned.



The Thoreau family plot on Author's Ridge at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  

The stone marked Henry is to the left.   It is covered with tokens of appreciation from his many admirers.
Also here are Thoreau's parents, John Thoreau (1787-1859) and Cynthia Dunbar (1787-1872); also his brother John Jr. (1815-1842) who died suddenly of tetanus in 1842; Helen Thoreau (1812-1849) abolitionist who died of consumption  in 1849; and Sophia Thoreau (1819-1876).  Neither Thoreau nor any of his siblings married or had children.


A closer look at the small marker on Thoreau's grave and at the assortment of pinecones,
stones, pennies and notes left for him by his many admirers.  It is not unusual
to find a walking stick or an old copy of Walden left on the grave.


The photos of the Thoreau and Alcott family plots were taken by K.E. Gregory.  All other photos on this page were taken by C. McIntyre.  All photos are copyrighted and should not be copied or reproduced without written consent. All rights reserved. 
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